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bullet Pro Grab 24 PCMCIA connector. Permits you to use the PCMCIA interface instead of the standard Parallel interface. This frees up the parallel interface for an audio sampler $59



bullet 512KB memory expansion with clock, battery back-up and on/off switch RocTec RM550C-F $59
bullet 512KB memory expansion with clock and battery back up Spirit PF-B94V-0 $49



bullet Amiga green mice $29
bullet Amiga green Pen mouse $29
bulletBuy both Green mouse and pen mouse for $49 (save $10 and get a free mouse mat)
bulletAmiga Golden Image Pen Mouse $39
bulletGolden Image Optical mouse with cord and mouse pad $59
bulletMouse Mat for optical mouse $20
bulletMouse mat for standard Amiga mouse $10



bullet Rockfire joystick with rapidfire (autofire). Click here for picture $29


bulletExternal genlock (RocGen Plus) for all Amigas. Includes RGB pass through, Amiga & Video dissolve knobs, video out, video thru, video in and key in $59


bulletScanner Migraph ColourBurst Includes Colour Kit software, scanning guide, manual and power supply $49
bulletScanner Golden Image A500/2000/2500/3000 Includes Touch-up software, manual AC power adaptor $49


Kick Start 3.1 ROM's

bulletA4000, A2000, A500, etc...
bulletAllows you to run Workbench 3.1, 3.5 & 3.9
bulletRequired to run certain games & other programs
bulletBetter hardware compatibility e.g. CD ROM $99


Workbench 3.9*
bulletImproved ease of use
bulletIncreased productivity
bulletCD ROM driver
bulletIntegrated desktop utilities eg. program dock
bulletMusic player
bulletWeb browser
bulletTCP/IP stack
bulletImproved HD utilities
bullet*Requires an 68020 processor


Floppy drive

bulletFloppy drive adaptor cables: use a PC floppy drive on your Amiga as an 880KB drive. Suitable for A2000, A2500, A3000, A4000 $49



Password protection

bullet SecureKey - Zorro II card that goes in your A2000 or A3000 and prevents unauthorised access (need to know the password) $49